What Makes Us Different

What Makes This Gym Different

This particular facility embraces many styles of training. Some people want to experience weight training in the traditional sense of exercise machines, barbells, and dumbbells that has been the main stay of strength training for decades. Over the past 10 years, a more functional style of training has become very popular, that incorporates balance devices, body weight resistance, and movements that demand body control through full ranges of motion. This facility has the equipment and space to accomplish this, as well as trainers that know how to integrate these movements depending on an individual's goal. This gym also has specific areas and equipment designed for competitive power lifting. This type of training is not for everyone; however it is a great atmosphere with accomplished lifters that would welcome you into this type of training. Their is also a variety of classes including cross fit, posture classes, and intermediate level back stabilization classes. As you can view from the pictures, the gym has two large roll up doors, high ceilings, and sky lights that let in natural light and air flow. In addition, the gym is unique in that there is no staff. You have 24 hour access through your own key that is issued to you when you become a member. A brief 15-minute meeting is required with the owner, Kevin Fisher, to go over access to the facility, use of the stereo and basic rules regarding the use of the facility. There is a shower and you are in close vicinity to the beach for combining a beach run with a gym workout.

Health Care Options

To optimize your exercise goals, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Lawson offer healthcare at their office facility located at 25 E. Arrellaga St. Dr. Fisher is certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) which encompasses musculo-skeletal soft tissue treatment that helps optimize joint movement. This technique is widely popular for athletes, due to quick releases of muscle tension allowing increased athletic performance. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Lawson have a wide range of treatment options and accept many different insurance plans. We also have a small exercise facility at our treatment office that allows us to prescribe rehabilitative exercise on site. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding treatment options and/or injuries.